I major in social psychology and educational psychology. Especially, I am studying, first, the mechanism of close relationships such as, friend or dating, marriage, family, and secondly, development and change of self whose the individual connects the personal relations.
  I proposed the theory which I call 3 phases theory of close relationship. If it says simply, the main point of this theory is that the interdependent level of personal relations is raised while three phases, which consist of self-disclosure, similarity-dissimilarity perception and assignment of role behavior, circulate by conflict. And I have found out that personal conflict inevitably occurred in the close relationship process based on this 3 phases theory. Moreover, I have shown so far that the conflict is the opportunity which makes the present relation more intimate than now, and that it is the opportunity of development of self-concept and understanding of a partner concerned simultaneously. The tree roots more faster, which has stood a rough blast.
  Also I have applied my research results accumulated so far to the family relation and the teacher-student relation. I have shown that the balance between instrumental function and socio-emotional function in a family determine people's self-esteem, self-efficacy and loneliness, a feeling of presence, etc., and make people adjusted or maladjusted.
  The title of my newest paper is "The Extendibility of a Personal Network in the Present Age Youth:Focusing Instrumental Function as Reference Group ". The purpose of this study was to examine a grade with a possibility a present age youth's making a personal network extend among various interpersonal relations and groups, based on evaluation of the instrumental function as a reference group. The main results were as follows; (1) People reconstructed each of interpersonal relations with their surrounding others based on the viewpoint of instrumental function as a reference group, (2) A present age youth has much those who make familiar interpersonal relations, such as a family and a friend, the reference group, (3) Although there were more youths who aimed only at thin interpersonal relations or a narrow personal network, however if necessity, comparatively many people had the possibility to build a network with more various others without remaining only in the present familiar interpersonal relations. The aim of this study is retated with the role of social identity in satisfying the human need to reduce subjective uncertainty.
  And another newest paper is "Youngster and grown-up struggling with identity". I discuss the possibility that the maladjustment(for example, impulsive murder, withdraw, prostitution, wrist cut, etc) of youngster results with the identity acquisition process in this paper.
  Like this, another one of my present theme is the adjustment of human in terms of the process of the identity (personal and social odentity) acquisition and change.

Major and Research Interests

Major Field : Social Psychology and Educational Psychology.

Key words :  Close Relationship, Self development, Group Dynamics,
          Person Perception, Self-Disclosure, Role.